Testing Services

I offer a specialised suite of testing services using trusted third-party providers to provide insights into your health, and to help fomulate a treatment plan.

Convenient in-home testing services

I strive to make testing as uninvasive, comfortable, and sensory-friendly as possible.

Many of the tests below can be shipped to you for completion home at your convenience. Once completed, the test kit is returned to the pathology lab via post. No need to visit a pathology lab in person. 


Where required, a test kit is sent to your home for sample collection.

After our initial consultation, and if required, test kits are sent to your home for you to collect a sample. I provide clear and concise instructions as to how the test is to be performed.


Once completed, the test kit is sent to a pathology lab for processing.

The completed test kit is sent by you to the pathology lab. The pathology lab processes the test and prepares results.


Once processed, results are returned for analysis and interpretation.

Once processed, the test results are returned for analysis and used to support or determine an appropriate treatment regime.

How naturopathic testing helps

Naturopathic functional pathology testing provides accurate and highly detailed information about how well metabolic processes are working and how the gut might be helping or hindering the brain and nervous system health.

These are the most common tests used to build a road map and to guide an accurate and effective nutritional and herbal treatment plan.

Read below for information on some of the testing services I offer, how the tests are performed, and the insights and benefits they may bring.

In specific cases I offer other tests relevant to the health conditions of my clients; please contact me via enquiries@arisinghealth.com.au if you have been recommended a specific testing or diagnostic regime.

 Organic acids test (OAT)

• A comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health. Many people with chronic illnesses and neurological disorders often excrete several abnormal organic acids in their urine. It includes markers for vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, bacterial and fungal metabolites and oxalates, which are highly correlated with many chronic illnesses.
• This test is useful for developing solutions that can alleviate chronic fatigue, cognitive fatigue, brain fog, bowel irregularity, gastrointestinal distress, some chronic pain conditions and conditions associated with brain neurotransmitter deficits (such as serotonin and dopamine). It also measures a specific metabolite that in recent science literature is becoming a biomarker for brain inflammation, a core concept establishing itself firmly in neurological and some psychological conditions. 
• A urine sample taken at home and sent in the mail.

 Gastro-intestinal tract map

• Microbiome mapping involves mapping DNA remnants of bacteria down to genus and species level, giving a map of your microbiome composition. It also is many times more sensitive than the previous test in detecting pathogenic species and abnormalities in the gut. 
• Identifies overgrowth (or dominance) of single species which may need to be culled back to improve diversity.
• Identifies parasites, worms and low grade pathogens.
• Measures important gut functions. Knowing how well fat and protein is absorbed is critical to effective nutritional intervention.
• Stool sample is collected at home into vials and sent in the mail.

Hair, tissue, and mineral analysis (HTMA)

• This test gives a snapshot of tissue mineral retention status, such as calcium and magnesium. Improper distribution of minerals such as sodium to potassium, and calcium to magnesium can aggravate chronic conditions, worsening chronic pain and discomfort. This test can give you deeper insight for a more targeted and faster result. It also provides a temporal record of exposure to heavy metals in the environment. Persistent, recurrent unresolving symptoms may just make sense with a HTMA test.
• A hair sample collected at home and sent in the mail.

Mould Panel

• Mycotoxin and biotoxin panels (Various tests inclduing the myoctox panel)

• Chronic inflammation, including chronic neuroinflammation, can be caused by biotoxins produced by mould, yeast and algae.
Biotoxins produce complex immune dysregulation that make cells tissue structures in the body more susceptible to permeability, hypoxia and early cell death, including the brain and nervous system.

• Various tests are available and used to assess right treatment approach for biotoxins driving poor innate immune health and chronic inflammation.
This includes testing to help guide treatment decisions in relation to mould/algae/yeast colonisation in the gut, genetic HLA susceptibility, degree of immune activation in response to biotoxins, and degree of tissue damage being done by hypersensitive dysregulated immune cells.

• May involve swabs, stool, urine and/or blood. 

 Food intolerances (140 foods)

• 140 foods are tested for causing an immune response in the gut. Knowing if a food is hurting the gut targets effective treatment for healing the gut-brain axis.
• This test that will flag non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.
• IgG immune mediated food intolerances are different from IgE allergies (hay-fever, asthma, hives and anaphylaxis). It is a delayed response and difficult to match symptoms to the food causing it. IgG immune responses include eczema, dermatitis, brain fog, ADHD like symptoms and neurological symptoms.
• A finger prick blood card (may require visting a testing provider).

DNA Methylation testing (54 gene panel)

• Methylation occurs in every cell of the body and drives every metabolic process - energy production, cell repair and renewal, immune processes, brain chemistry, hormones etc.
• Methylation genes can be 100% efficient, 50% efficient or less than 50% efficient. Knowing which genes are inefficient helps target nutritional and herbal intervention to optimise methylation.
• Poor methylation is associated with many chronic diseases, neuro-developmental conditions and mental health.
• A saliva swab done at home and sent in the mail.
• Privacy of data is guaranteed.

Checking for PANS & PANDAS

• This neurological condition is caused by a gut infection that triggers an immune hypersensitivity that hurts the brain. It is a condition separate from autism but many symptoms overlap. Very often its development in an autistic child is missed. It is treatable and symptoms can be resolved. It is neurodegenerative and symptoms get worse over time if not picked up. Early detection and intervention ensures best outcomes.
• Assessment involves an interview using standardised testing tools.

Viral screening

• Detecting viral stealth pathogens may be an important step to healing from chronic health problems. Measures IgG and IgM low grade immune responses to epstein-barr (EBV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes group (1,2 and 6), and varicella.
• Assessment requries a blood draw at a pathology lab.

Microba at-home gut microbiome testing

We use Microba at-home microbiome test kits to understand more about the health of your gastro-intestinal tract. These kits are simple, discreet, and convenient. 

Once you have ordered your test kit, it will be shipped to you by mail. Once recevied, take your sample using the swab, and return the kit using the included pre-paid envelope.

Your results are available in 4-6 weeks and you will receive a detailed report of the findings.

If you are a patient of Arising Health, use the link below to ensure a copy of your report is sent to us.

Order your Microba at-home microbome test kit here


About Microba

Microba is an Australian company working to create a community of greater health. Built on leading scientific research, Microba has established itself as a world leader in the analysis of the gut microbiome. With a growing body of global research indicating that the gut microbiome plays a central role in health and disease, Microba is a strong contributing force in the development of new pathology services, therapeutics and diagnostics based on the microbiome.

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