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As a naturopath, my committment is to my client's welfare in their search for improvement in their health and wellbeing. See below for customer reviews and testimonials.

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I can't recommend Robyn highly enough. She is a PANS/PANDAS/ADHD/AUTISM expert (probably more) and she genuinely cares! Her work is evidence based and her knowledge and experience immense. She provides real medicine that works and does not harm. 10 stars from me.

I have an 8 years old boy, level 3 Autism, and the biggest problem with my son is aggressive behaviour at school and home towards others, even his siblings were scared of him. Since we worked with Robyn around 6 months ago and Robyn suggested testing, we’ve found out he has few bacterias. Since we’ve started the treatment, there’s been no more complaining from school. He even received an award for the first time. Thank you, Robyn.

Just wanted to let you know he is doing so well right now. His teachers are so happy with him. Yesterday he sat through an hour long while school assembly (500 kids) and even honoured the 1 minute silence for Anzac Day. His teacher said he was incredible. I was so nervous about him going and getting overwhelmed and causing a scene or running away. So I’m thrilled…..the teacher said on Friday he had the best day and best week and is turning the corner as far as following instructions and emotional regulation ability. So great to hear!

So glad we found you!!

I think you are just super and we are so blessed to be working with you! The teachers are just so thrilled with his progress.

My son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder level 2/3 and ADHD at 4 years old. His behaviours were extreme and medical professionals just didn’t seem to be alarmed by it. We spent a year trying ADHD medication but none worked. During this very dark time it was suggested that my son may have something called PANS/ PANDAS. Robyn Cogger was recommended to us. I didn’t have any expectations of what these herbs and nutritional interventions could do, however nothing prepared us for how quickly we would see results.

Within only a few days, my son became more social, speaking more, and playing with his sister. There was a remarkable difference in him. His tics almost completely disappeared and he was just much more in control of himself.

It has been 6 months of fine tuning his protocol and I now believe without a shadow of a doubt that he has PANS. Whilst he does still flare, they have become far less frequent, and more obvious in their beginning and end. He has longer symptom-free periods where he is functioning so much better. We can also now clearly notice a pattern with his flares and we know how to put the fire out.

A week ago, we took my son to a Good Friday lunch at his Grandma’s and out of the blue, he flared. But I knew what to do and within 20 minutes, the fire was out, he was back to his normal self again playing Minecraft with his cousins. For the first time on Good Friday, his extended family members saw how far his treatment has brought him

PANS has definitely changed us as a family, but what we've learned is priceless.

It has challenged, yet strengthened our marriage, and taught us the importance of taking care of each other.

It has challenged, yet strengthened our relationships with not only our PANS child, but with our other children.

It has challenged our parenting to the max, but has taught us to give grace, above all else.

It has sped up our journey to being more healthy and slowed down other aspects of life that aren't necessary.

It has helped us focus on our family, and taught us to be grateful for every minute, because things can quickly change.

We've been through hell and are on our way back and it has humbled us.

Thank you Robyn for being our lighthouse in some really dark waters. 

I remember just a few short months ago when I was the one reading Robyn's reviews. I was reading through tears as I was feeling drained, worried, discouraged, and just plain heartbroken for my son. I was hesitant even to read them because I just thought it would be another turn we would take to reach a another dead end. But when I reached out to Robyn I was immediately drawn in by her kindness and passion for helping kids just like mine...just like yours. Talking to her feels like talking to a friend who understands and truly wants to help my boy. Beyond her compassion, realness, and pure heart, is a knowledge that is incomparable to anything we have seen in our journey. After making sense of all of his tests with me, it was as if she was looking right at my son because she could identify so many of his symptoms just from reading his test results. Robyn is BEYOND knowledgeable in her field and has compiled a list of herbs and supplements specifically for my child.

Please let me give you hope. I saw a difference in my son in DAYS!!! We are now a couple of months in to his treatment and he is LAUGHING, going to SCHOOL, and giving me HUGS! I tearfully and joyfully recommend Robyn to anyone who is struggling. We are forever changed because of the work she has put in for my son. 

Also as a qualified Naturopath, I know how thorough Robyn is with her assessments and treatment plan. She put my mind at ease regarding our 3 year old son who has PANDS/PANDAS. I knew something wasn't right and his behaviour wasn't normal for a toddler like everyone kept telling us. After contracting viral gastro, he changed and was no longer our happy little boy. We have a bit of a road ahead but I'm comfortable under Robyn's care and we are optimistic our treatment will help our beautiful little boy.

Robyn is excellent and is across every level of detail of my son's test results and how she can help him . I feel so much better knowing that she is going to help him be the best he can be - highly recommended.

When we found Robyn, our son was struggling, badly. Our family was suffering from explosive behavior and we were exhausted. Robyn walked us through our son's methylation issues, as well as his PANS diagnosis. She has recommended testing and supplements and her treatment plan has been spot on. Our son has made enormous strides and he's definitely healing. Words cannot describe what Robyn has done for our son and our family. She is compassionate, patient and knowledgeable and a true teacher at heart.

We love Robyn for customised treatment plans and nutritional recommendations based on individual needs. She is easily reachable through emails and promptly answers all of my questions.
Since starting her treatment we have noticed improvement and lots of positive changes. Keep up the good work Robyn!

We’ve tried everything in terms of medication for our boy who has autism and apparent ADHD (though this one we didn’t believe as the symptoms come and go)
Robyn has been wonderful at listening to our concerns and looking at his health on a whole through genetic mapping and stools to see what the triggers could be. Robyn also has knowledge of PANS/PANDAS and it’s difficult to find naturopaths or doctors who have experience with this. Since starting on our journey with Robyn and nourishing him with vitamins and changing his diet slightly, we are happy to say that that he is the best he’s been since those early, uncertain days.

I cannot speak highly enough of this lovely woman, both for her accurate professional advice and the compassion and understanding to which it was given. I highly recommend Robyn if you are experiencing any health issues.

Before we worked with Robyn I was a ball of anxiety getting no help from doctors for my son who has Pans. The only option given was for long term antibiotics which I just didnt want to do. And then we had our 1st session with Robyn and I feel I can breath again. Her knowledge and experience is amazing. We're only a few months in and my little guy has come on so much. He used to spend most of the day crying and now he's so happy and relaxed. I can finally relax as I trust in Robyn 100 % and I really can't reccomended her highly enough for her knowledge, her compassion and professionalism in all that she does.

Robyn is very competent and thorough in her research, her services are tailor made for the individual health issues. My 10 year old son (ASD, PDA, PANDAS, ADHD) and I have been consulting with Robyn over the last year and Robyn has created out of the box solutions especially for my son due to eg reluctance of tablet taking. We have both made good progress in this time.
She is caring with a flexible approach and one can feel she loves what she is doing and is driven by the wish to help others.

I can definitely recommend her for the whole family, we will definitely continue to consult her and I am currently working on my husband to see her too.

I sought Robyn's advice to assist with my 5 year old son who has ASD. Robyn's understanding of my son's additional needs during the consultation process was much appreciated. She was calm and patient with him, which definitely helped. Robyn's recommendations with regard to food intolerance testing have assisted us with changing his diet and implementing food strategies that can best support him from a gut health perspective. Thanks again Robyn.

Over the past 2 months, Robyn reviewed 10 years of medical records and implemented a treatment which has had results in 3 weeks. The symptoms got milder and less frequent. Robyn personalized the treatment based on carefully reviewed symptoms. Her treatment plan is clear, detailed and easy to follow. It is impressive that she puts together information from many fields: genetics, nutrition, psychology, & psychiatry. I highly recommend her.

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