Tailoring solutions for you and your family.

Founded by Robyn Cogger, Arising Health is borne from her experience in helping children and families facing neuro-developmental challenges.

I help children and families with the following health conditions

Childhood neuro-developmental disorders

Including children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), tics, and behavioural issues. Learn more about these issues here.

MTHFR and related genetic conditions

Treating genetic impairments that affect gut health, brain development, cognitive function, and mood.

Gut and digestive health disorders

Including general physical and mental health issues, and cognitive issues, that may be linked to underlying gut inflammation or bacterial imbalance.

Neuro-immune and immune disorders affecting the brain

Including the complex and multiple ways that these complications exacerbate existing and underlying health conditions.

My care model, testing, and treatments

I aim to provide my care in a convenient, timely, and supportive manner, particularly when those under my care are sensory-sensitive, uncomfortable with new or unusual environments, or prefer to receive care without leaving the home. 

Sometimes it's difficult to visit a clinic, especially where younger patients with neuro-developmental conditions are involved. You do not need to bring your child to the appointment, particularly if this may cause your child distress or anxiety. 

Many of my services are available via telehealth, allowing online in-home consults with testing kits and dispensery items & products (where required) delivered to your door.

Teleheath  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Remote and telehealth services

I provide remote and telehealth consultations - where you need me, and when you need me. This is useful for those patients who are uncomfortable with face to face meetings or changes to routine. 

Testing  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Targeted lab testing

Lab testing - including blood, uring, saliva, and stool - is used to guide the right treatment pathway. Learn more about my testing services here.

DNA  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

DNA testing

At Arising Health, I provide DNA testing to detect genetic conditions which influence your health. I use this knowledge to tailor how specific treatments might provide you the outcomes you are seeking.

Treatment plans  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Targeted treatment plans

My treatment plans are tailored for you and your specific circumstances, and based on your medical history and sensitivities.

Treatment  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Natural treatment pathways

I provide you with specific remedies using evidence based natural medicines and supplements to address these conditions.

Dispensary  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Supply of supplements and dispensary items

My services include guiding you on obtaining the recommended course of treatment online & direct from the supplier - saving you money and offering you convenience.

Progress follow ups  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Follow-ups on progress

Treatment doesn't stop at the dispensary - my plans include ongoing check-ins to ensure that your health gets back on track, and stays on track.

Urgent care  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Urgent care

For those times where you have an urgent concern or need to check in on your treatment, I provide acute care sessions to ensure we stay on top of any issues that arise.

How do I get started?

I work with my clients to tailor a treatment plan specific to their individual needs. Usually, this involves a minimum of three consultations. 

This may start with a free Q&A session and subsequent initial consultation. From there I will prepare a treatment plan for you. 

Once we have a treatment plan in place for you, regular follow up sessions will ensure your plan is on-track. Follow up sessions can become more infrequent as your treatment plan moves to a "sustain" phase to keep your health where you need it to be.

Free Q&A

If you would like to understand more about how naturopathy can help you and your family, I offer a free 20 minute Q&A session via telehealth to explain my services and answer any questions you have.

You can book a session using the Book Now button above.

Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation, I will work with you to understand your medical history, conditions, symptoms, and challenges. We'll also talk about the outcomes you are looking for, and any other factors that might determine the best treatment plan. I may recommend some specific tests to help inform a treatment plan.

This is typically a 90 minute session.

Second Consultation 

In our second consultation, I'll present you with my recommendations and a treatment plan. We'll talk about how to start the treatment, any matters you may need to be aware of, any tests required, and how to obtain any products. 

This is typically a 60 minute session.

Follow Up

Once you have your treatment plan, we'll schedule follow up sessions to ensure your treatment is on track, or to adjust our course of action based on your feedback. We'll also use a follow up session to discuss the results of any tests once they have been performed.

This is typically a 30-60 minute session.

Urgent Matters

If at any time you have an urgent query or concern about your treatment, we can schedule an acute session to ensure that your treatment plan remains on track.

View my consultation fees or make a booking:

An evidence-based approach

I offer evidence-based, effective treatment pathways based on natural, herbal, and nutritional methods.

Reducing neuro-inflammation

Neuro-inflammation can be an underlying driver of neuro-developmental conditions. Reducing neuro-inflammation can be achieved by natural means including the use of specific of herbs and nutrient compounds working on various immune activated pathways of inflammation and enhancing protective mechanisms inherent with every cell of the brain and body.

Improving digestive health

Poor gut health can be an underlying driver of neuro-developmental conditions and dysregulated mood and behaviour. Improving gut and digestive health can be achieved by carefully customised plans involving herbs, nutrient compounds, probiotics and food as medicine to rebuild GIT structures, enhance functions for digestion and detoxification, and rebuild the microbiome garden.

Improving immune system strength

Immune dysregulation can be underlying driver of neuro-development conditions. 13% of brain and nervous system white matter is made up of specialised immune cells, not found anywhere else in the body. This fact alone, indications immune activity plays a very important role in keeping a brain and nervous system healthy. Specific herbs, nutrient compounds and diet modifications can enhance immune regulation to support healthy brain autophagy, neuroplastiicity and preservation of cognition.

A health care service that works for you

Through telehealth services, I'm able to provide you with convenient support and advice no matter where you are.

Using online dispensary and testing-referral services means that you can obtain products, treatments, and tests direct to your door.

Your care becomes convenient, timely, safe, and stress-free.

I accept clients world-wide.

Telehealth  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Video Conferencing

 I am able to provide telehealth services via secure video call.

This is particularly useful where you  are not able to meet in person, or where a telehealth service is more comfortable for you.

International  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Interstate and international customers

I am able to schedule consults with customers both interstate in Australia and also international.

Contact me to arrange a time that works.

Testing and scripts  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Testing and scripts

Tests (where required) and dispensary items can be posted to you, or otherwise arranged and fulfilled by you online following our consultation. Arising Health uses only reputable suppliers of tests and dispensary items. 

In Person Consulations

I am located in Melbourne, Australia. I'm available for home visits in Melbourne and surrounding areas, and telehealth consultations.


I'm available for telehealth consultations via video call - contact me to make specific arrangements or make a booking here.


Like to discuss your needs before booking? Email me at enquiries@arisinghealth.com.au or contact me by completing the form on our contacts page.

Working Hours

My regular hours are between 10am and 6pm Monday-Thursday Melbourne, Australia time (GMT + 10). 

Case studies, new research, and insights

You can more read about Robyn's thoughts on neuro-developmental health on the Arising Health blog.

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Commentary on health issues for families living with neuro-developmental disorders.

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