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Arising Health was started by Robyn Cogger in 2020. A qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritional Therapist, Robyn has unique and personal experience in helping children and families coping with the challenges of neuro-developmental health.

Natural medicine can also be referred to as naturopathy; it is a form of alternative medicine which involves herbalism, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counselling, and more. It is thought that naturopathy originates around 400BC and its founding principles were discovered by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates.

Natural medicine is a complimentary health care regime that exists alongside seeing a GP or other allied health practitioner. 

Arising Health specialises in the wellbeing of children with neuro-developmental challenges (including ADHD, autism and PANS/PANDAS), gut health, genetic disorders, allergies, and food intolerances, with a particular emphasis on children and young adults.

Arising Health offers teleheath via a video call service. Contact us to arrange a session and a free 20 min Q&A to discuss the services you require.

I am able to see clients in the Melbourne metropolitan region in-person - please contact me to discuss. 

Check back regularly for new updates to my services, including more about in-person clinic appointments.  

Any tests that are required can be arranged either via a referral to a test laboratory, or via a test kit that I can send you. You can complete the test, return it to the test laboratory, and the results will then be made available to you.

You can learn more about testing here.

Yes! I am accepting new clients.

You can register as a new client and book a consult with me here.

If your case is very urgent, please book your initial consultation as soon as possible. Alternatively, if there are no suitable times for an initial consultation, please contact me with a short summary of your situation and I will do my best to accomodate you.

I understand real life happens, and I'm here to help.

If you need to change your booking, please contact me as soon as possible by emailing, replying to your comfirmation email, or by sending me a message so we can arrange a new time.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please kindly provide at least 48 hours’ notice to allow me to offer the booking time to others who may be needing to see me.

If 48 hours’ notice is not provided you may be charged 100% of the consultation fee.

No-shows are unfortunately charged the full fee. 

Once we have comfirmed a treatment regime for you, there may be a need to purchase some supplements or dispensary items. I offer some products for you based on specific herbal preparations; other items can be purchased by you direct from reputable on-line vendors. This is both more convenient, and cost effective, for my clients.

You can learn more about how to obtain products I may prescribe here.

In many cases natural medicine can make a profound difference in your life and in the management of health conditions you may have; the best way to determine this is to arrange a short consultation with me to disciuss your needs.

To better understand how natural medicine can help you, arrange a free 20 minute consulation session with me and we can discuss your needs in better detail. You can visit my bookings page here.

In general a naturopathic consultation requires at least two (but typically three) sessions - an initial consult to understand your particular needs, a consult to present to you my treatment plan, and a follow up to then check progress.

Prices for my consults can be found here.

To better understand how natural medicine can help you, arrange a free 20 minute consulation session with me and we can discuss your needs in more detail. 

Yes, I accept referrals from other practitioners and GPs. If you are seeking a referral, please ask your health professional to write a referral letter for you to provide to me.

Payment details are provided to you on an invoice following each appointment. If you need a new copy of your invoice, please contact me.

You can make payment via EFT or PayPal.

Payment terms are 7 days from the date of the appointment.

If you have difficulty in making a payment, please contact me as soon as possible.

We welcome clients who are looking to use their insurance cover or Government funding - including those on the NDIS.

Contact your insurer to confirm if my services are covered under your policy.

In some circumstances, some government funding and support schemes (e.g. NDIS) may cover some of the costs of an appointment. This is specific to the scheme, the patient's needs, and any approved purposes or funding policy.

To confirm eligibility, I recommend you speak to your funding provider prior to making an appointment. 

Question not answered here? You can email Robyn at, or book a free 20 min Q&A session below.

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