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Appointments are easy to make - you can now book an appointment online at a time that suits your schedule and needs. 

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Online bookings with Robyn


Learn more about PANS/PANDAS and other neuro-developmental conditions I offer care for.

My Care Model

Read more about the care model I offer, and how I can assist children with neuro-developmental conditions.

If you are a parent or carer and you are booking on behalf of a child, please make the booking in your child's name to ensure that our patient records are set up accordingly.

Register as a new client, and book your appointment (at a time that suits you) using the appointment booking options above.

For parents and carers seeking help for children, you do not need to bring your child to the appointment if this may cause your child distress or anxiety.

Arising Health accepts and welcomes patients using the Australian Government NDIS.

Urgent Bookings

If you are a new client and require a consult ASAP, please book the earliest time available and leave a note with your request in the comments section, including your preferred date & time.
I will add you to my waitlist and will be in contact if an earlier booking time becomes available.


You'll receive an email confirmation with details for your appointment, including a calendar invite and a link to our telehealth service.

New clients can also complete a health and wellness background form online, which will be emailed to you with your calendar invite. 

Changes & Payments

Should you need to change your appointment, I kindly ask you provide me with 48 hours notice.

All fees are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of Australian taxes where a tax is applicable. Payment terms are 7 days from the date of your appointment.

Booking is quick and simple

Online booking  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

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Online booking  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

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Online booking  - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Register your patient details and complete your booking!

Unsure which appointment you need?

See below for information on appointment types. If you are unsure which appointment to book, email me at and I will be happy to assist.

Free Q&A?

Do you want to learn more about Robyn's services?

Select the "Free Q&A chat" option for an initial Q&A session on natural medicine and how it may help you and your family.

First Time Client?

Are you ready to book your first appointment with Robyn?

Select the "Initial assessment for new clients" option.  In this session I will work with you to understand your medical history, conditions, symptoms, and challenges

Treatment Planning?

Are you a returning client, and we've let you know your treatment plan is ready?

Select the "Second appointment for treatment planning" option. I'll present you with a treatment plan. We'll talk about how to start the treatment, any matters you may need to be aware of, and how to obtain any products. 

Follow-ups & Test Results?

Booking in for a follow-up, or to receive your test results?

Select the "Follow-up appointment" or "Follow-up appointment for test results" option as required. Follow up sessions help to ensure your treatment is on track. Once we have any tests results back, we'll use this session to discuss these with you.

Urgent Care?

If you have an urgent concern or query, select the "Acute appointment for urgent care" option.

This session can help ensure that your treatment plan remains on track.

Note - the schedule of fees above is for standard consults in a typical treatment scenario. Additional fees may apply for more complex cases, multiple-patient appointments, or where travel outside of 50km from Melbourne is required. If additional fees apply, I will let you know at the time of booking.

Pre-complete your health history online

Pre-complete our patient health and wellness background form online. This only needs to be completed once. 

We'll email you a link to the online form in your booking confirmation email for first-time patients booking an initial assessment.

This lets you skip the waiting-room paperwork, collect any required information that you may need, and to describe the health and wellness issue that you are seeking support for.

Patient form - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath


With your first appointment, we'll send you our New Patient Health and Wellness Background Form

We'll send you a secure, online form to complete with your first booking (Initial assessment for new clients only). 


Complete the form when it suits you

Before your first appointment, fill out the form with your health and wellness background. It's quick, simple, and convenient.


Submit the form before the first appointment.

By completing the form prior, we'll spend our time talking about your health - rather than filling out paperwork.

Telehealth - Arising Health Robyn Cogger Naturopath

Telehealth (online) appointments

Our telehealth (online) appointments are provided via telephone or video call services, whichever is your preference.  No special software is required, and you can use any device that supports video calls  (computer, laptop, phone or tablet) as long as you have an internet connection. 

Video and phone meeting details will be emailed to you after your appointment is booked.

I recommend you arrange a quiet area in a comfortable space free of distractions or interruptions to conduct the appointment.

Bring a cup of tea or water, and have a pen and paper handy if you want to make any notes.

International clients - if you are located in a different time zone, and the appointment times available in our online booking system are not suitable, please contact with your location and availability so we can find a time that suits. 

Tests and dispensary items

As I prepare your treatment plan, I may ask you to complete some external tests, or I may prescribe you some supplements or dispensary items.

I'll let you know the costs for any tests where those costs are known to me. I'll also give you an indication on the costs of any supplements or dispensary items where possible. 

As part of my service, and for eligible products, I'll provide you details as to how to obtain any supplements or dispensary items from reputable third-party providers. Click here to learn more.

Costs for test, supplements, and dispensary items are not included in the appointment fees.


Where possible, we'll send you information on any products or supplements electronically, including where to purchase your products.

Purchase Online

Purchase your products online and with confidence - no need to queue in a pharmacy or chemist.

Delivered to your door

Products are then delivered to your door. We'll even arrange tests kits in the same manner wherever possible for you to complete at home.

Have a question before you book?

If you'd like to know more about Robyn and her work, you can read about her experiences and research with PANS/PANDAS, ASD, ADHD,  OCD, and other neuro-developmental disorders on her blog.

If you would like to discuss your specific case with Robyn, book a free 20 min Q&A chat - there's no obligation, and we offer this service to help you understand how Robyn can assist you and your family.

Read our FAQ for more information on government funding schemes, payment methods, and answers to other questions. 

Photo of Robyn Cogger from Arising Health

My care model

Read more about the neuro-developmental care model I offer, and how I can assist children with PANS/PANDAS, ASD, ADHD, OCD, and other neuro-developmental conditions.

Photo of Robyn Cogger from Arising Health

Success Stories

Read customer reviews and testimonials to see how I've helped children and families achieve their health and wellness goals.