Knowing the difference between PANS and ASD - a case study

by Robyn Cogger
4 minutes
Knowing the difference between PANS and ASD - a case study

A 13 year old boy presented to Arising Health in October with a formal diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and OCD.  He had received this diagnosis at around grade 2, when school became so difficult for him. The academic and social gaps between peers became too much and so eventually he moved to homeschooling for many years. During this time, his family made their best efforts to engage ASD therapies and psychiatric medications to get improvement, but unfortunately nothing brought progress or improvement. 

His parents had recently heard about PANS/PANDAS, a condition that shares many symptoms with his formal diagnoses.  They researched and  became familiar with its diagnostic criteria. Upon reviewing his case, many of his symptoms were consistent with PANS/PANDAS criteria. However his parents could never identify with the sudden onset aspect of the condition.  There had never been in his medical history a time when they could pinpoint a sudden and dramatic onset. It was  this missing criteria that confounded and slowed their journey to correctly identifying PANS/PANDAS.  

Several functional tests were done, including a metagenomic GIT microbiome map.  It revealed that he did have a substantial amount of beta haemolytic streptococcus in his gastrointestinal environment. So, a carefully customised treatment plan was formulated from all the functional testing results using high quality, therapeutic dosing of herbal and nutritional medicine.

By week 8, his parents reported significant gains and were over the moon.

He had successfully re-entered school doing a few days a week.

Episodic lability (episodes of extreme emotion) had reduced in severity, duration and frequency.

Self awareness and self reflection was more apparent to his family.

And he has started waking up in a good mood. 

He had more stamina and energy to join a football game with friends, and he was full of hope to be able to play his favourite sport in a team setting.

Knowing the difference between PANS and ASD is not an easy discernment, but can make a world of difference. Appropriate and correct dosing of herbal and nutritional supplementation with respect to functional testing data can make a world of difference in a short time for PANS/PANDAS families.

His mum recently wrote the following message to me, and to other mums and dads facing similar challenges in their child:

I remember just a few short months ago when I was the one reading Robyn's reviews.  I was reading through tears as I was feeling drained, worried, discouraged, and just plain heartbroken for my son.  I was hesitant even to read them because I just thought it would be another turn we would take to reach a another dead end.  But when I reached out to Robyn I was immediately drawn in by her kindness and passion for helping kids just like mine...just like yours.  Talking to her feels like talking to a friend who understands and truly wants to help my boy.  Beyond her compassion, realness, and pure heart, is a knowledge that is incomparable to anything we have seen in our journey.  After making sense of all of his tests with me, it was as if she was looking right at my son because she could identify so many of his symptoms just from reading his test results.  Robyn is BEYOND knowledgeable in her field and has compiled a list of herbs and supplements specifically for my child. 

Please let me give you hope.  I saw a difference in my son in DAYS!!!  We are now a couple of months in to his treatment and he is LAUGHING, going to SCHOOL, and giving me HUGS!  I tearfully and joyfully recommend Robyn to anyone who is struggling.  We are forever changed because of the work she has put in for my son. 

As always, contact me if you'd like to discuss any aspect of this case study or if you or your family would like to understand more.

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