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Previous Entries

Building resilience to the stress response.

How Trauma Informed Care can help people experiencing high levels of stress navigate the uncertainty of 2020.

Robyn Cogger Robyn Cogger
8 minutes

Could the food you eat be linked to the health of your brain?

Have you ever wondered why the words “no artificial flavours or colours” appear on the packaging of foods designed and marketed towards children?

Robyn Cogger Robyn Cogger
3 minutes

Nurturing resilience in the parent, healing for the child

Robyn shares her insights and personal experiences in her healing journey.

Robyn Cogger Robyn Cogger
4 minutes

The most powerful medicine for the brain.

Another great lecture from the Florey institute, Melbourne Australia. 2020.

Robyn Cogger Robyn Cogger
7 minutes

Research into the long term health impacts of autism

As a parent of a child with an ASD diagnosis, often you wonder about the future. To what degree will s/he have an adequate level of independence?

Robyn Cogger Robyn Cogger
3 minutes

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